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Companion to sustainable development

With the orientation to become a leading company in the field of manufacturing and trading of construction steel, VNSTEEL - Nha Be Steel Joint Stock Company is ready to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners to develop and expand the scope and scale of operation to deserve the trust and expectation of customers and the position of Vietnam Steel Corporation.


Nha Be Steel put into operation the Pomini steel mill

Nha Be Steel always determines that sustainable company development must be closely linked to the development of a value foundation in which codes of conduct are created to encourage individual self-consciousness. This not only promotes the "people-centered" goal, but also strengthens the company's solidarity, corporate synergy, enhances cohesion among members, improves business efficiency, towards the goal of sustainable development.

Promoting inheritance values from the predecessor, Nha Be Steel Mill, the company will face many challenges in the competitive business environment in the future. Each staff member, in which each member must overcome themselves to achieve success. Therefore, the company leaders strongly evaluate and support all efforts of employees to contribute to the development of the company in all fields. The company commits to creating a professional, friendly and enthusiastic working environment so that all members have the same opportunity to work together, share experiences, study, strive and assert themselves when choosing, sticking with the company on long term career path.

The current reality shows that, as the tariff barriers are declining following the process of free trade between Vietnam and other countries in the Eurasian Economic Coalition, the technical barriers are increasing with more stringent standards on measurement, labor safety, ecological environment protection... to ensure the health of consumers. With this trend, Nha Be Steel has paid much attention to environmental protection, ensuring the criteria and technical requirements of the partners, the company also considered this as the top criterion for development in the process of deepening integration.



Modern steel production line in Nha Be Steel  

With a culture background of a company that always emphasizes learning and work efficiency, besides the enthusiastic support from the shareholders, the management and all employees will always try their best, continuous innovation to create differences, in order to lead the company to become the pioneering brand in Vietnam with quality products and prestige to match the company's history and shareholders' expectations, and is the "trusted choice" of the customers.





Head office: 4th Floor, Representative Office Buildings of Vietnam Steel Corporation in Ho Chi Minh City – 56 Thu Khoa Huan, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Điện thoại: (028) 38 298 244
Fax: (028) 38 298 244

Nhon Trach Branch

Nhon Trach Branch: Nhon Trach II Industrial Zone-Nhon Phu, Phu Hoi Commune, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
Tell: (0251) 3569672
Fax: (0251) 3569673

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